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to Amplify Digital Audio Advertising in Key European Markets

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Why Digital Audio Advertising – Triton

Why Digital Audio Advertising?

Targeted and Measured at a User Level

Can be Complemented by Display

Present Across Range of Devices

Unaffected by Small Real Estate

Doesn’t have to Fight for Attention

Has a Strong Impact on Listeners

Skewed Towards Sought After Demos

Rapidly Growing Usage

Safe Publishers & Premium Inventories

Uncluttered Environment

100% Audience Attention

No Ad Blocking & Fraud Free

72% of 18-34 year olds listen to online radio monthly

50% of the U.S. population is now accessing digital audio each month

Uniquely positioned to reach mobile listeners -79% of audio consumption takes place on the go

Reach 50 Million individually targeted listeners in Europe with

Network Programmatic Sales TAP – Triton

Tap: Audio Advertising Platform

a2x-logo-whitebg has partnered with industry leaders Triton Digital to bring you the Triton Advertising Platform (Tap). A customisable ad platform designed to help digital audio publishers increase monetisation for live and on-demand content. Tap is built specifically for audio, enabling broadcasters, podcasters and digital music services to effectively streamline operations and maximise revenue.

Custom Platforms

  • Podcasting
    Tap Podcast is designed to dynamically stitch pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll audio ads directly into podcast episodes or audio files, targeting multiple podcasts at once or multiple campaigns within one podcast.
  • On Demand Streaming
    Tap OnDemand is designed to dynamically inject ads within a playlist of on demand songs through a webcasting or pureplay publisher.
  • Live Broadcasting
    Tap Live is designed to dynamically inject ads within a live stream to allow the replacement of ads that run on AM/FM signals.

Maximise Revenue

Streamline Operations

Effective Targeting

DAAST Compliant

Creative Manager

Audio Trafficker

Forecast & Affidavit Engine

Product Add-Ons


Programmatic Network – Advertisers – Triton

Programmatic Network


The audio ad exchange, a2x®

The audio ad exchange, a2x®, is the industry leading programmatic buying solution for digital audio. Our platform’s automated, exchange driven method of buying and selling ad impressions facilitates rapid and precise transactions, mitigating waste and resulting in the greatest efficiency for advertisers.

  • 3,000+ streaming channels
  • Gives digital buyers all of the capabilities they are used to
  • Target & re-target listeners by genre, device, geo & demo

Brand Safe

Multi-channel / Cross Platform

Global Scale

Advanced Tracking

Easily Accessible

Precise Targeting

Native Environment

100% IAB DAAST Compliant


Audio Advertiser Services – Triton

Advertiser Services is a specialist in digital audio advertising.

We deliver effective and engaging campaigns for brands to reach digital audio listeners across Europe.

Integrated directly into digital audio streams of the leading radio stations and apps.

Companion display banners ensure maximum exposure and response rates.

adnetwork_iconPremium Publisher Network

StrategySelf-Service Programmatic

CreativeCampaign Planning

Creative Services

Campaign ManagementCampaign Management

OptimisationCampaign Optimisation

AnalyticsAnalytics and Reporting


Audio Network Targeting Capabilities – Triton

Deep Level Targeting Capabilities


National & Regional
City & Zip
IP targeting
Latitude & Longitude


Target by time of day
Day or Week
Program Exclusions
Format / Genre
Peak listening times



Content targeting
Demo & Gender
1st & 3rd Party Data
Registration data

Device targeting

Platform & Device

iOS / Android
Desktop / Laptop

Audio Publisher Services

Publisher Services understands how to maximise your digital audio content’s revenue potential.

Our sales team are the best in the industry with years of experience in the digital advertising space.

To find out more about what we do, get in touch today.

Pre-roll Ad Serving

formats_instream_icon_new (1)In-stream Ad serving

Display Ad Serving

Ad Sales

Streaming Services

Yield Optimisation

publisherservices_marketing&eventsMarketing and Events

publisherservices_billing_iconBilling and Collection

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Creative Services – Triton

Creative Services

Showcase your products or services with premium rich media ad formats. Our in-house creative team builds innovative, engaging ad formats for premium brands. We deliver real results across devices so that you can advertise more effectively across your streaming platforms.

Supported formats include:

  • Desktop
    • Audio: 15 or 30 seconds
    • Synced Banner: 300 x 250 or 728 x 90 px
    • Display banners – Standard & Rich Media
    • Audio Pre-roll
    • Audio In-stream

  • Mobile
    • Audio: 15 or 30 seconds
    • Synced Banner: 300 x 50 or 728 x 90 px
    • Display banners – Standard & Rich Media
    • Audio Pre-roll
    • Audio In-stream

Page takeovers, skins, custom channels, sponsorships are available upon request.






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