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New Revenue Streams for CNPA Publisher Members

Key Facts

  • Three-year partnership offers advertisers exclusive access to a premium digital advertising network
  • Ability to attract premium advertisers through precise targeting and collective offering
  • is a leading advertising network in Europe and the US



California, October 4th 2016:

California Newspaper Publishers Association (CNPA) is teaming up with leading advertising network,,  to provide a premium digital advertising network across CNPA’s member titles.


CNPA has been in operation since 1888 and has over 1300 daily, weekly and student newspapers members. The three-year strategic partnership with will help enhance its members’ advertising offering by providing a single point-of-purchase for brands and advertisers wishing to reach audiences in the state of California, with precise targeting by location, device and even time of day.  In turn member publishers have the potential to generate additional income from their mobile and web content. has carried thousands of campaigns for many major international brands in the US and Europe to become a leading mobile advertising network. In February it agreed a three-year partnership with the New York Press Service (NYPS) to provide digital ad services across more hundreds of weekly, daily, regional and culturally specific newspaper sites.


“The strategic planning committee looked carefully at both the effort begun in New York to create a nationwide high-CPM digital network run by state press associations and the ability of new strategic partner,, to provide all the expertise and support necessary to make it happen,” said John Burns, Chairman of the CNPA Strategic Planning Committee and Publisher of the Petaluma Argus Courier.


“The committee recommends each CNPA member look carefully at this opportunity powered by CNPA and its sister press associations to create a nationwide digital sales force and placement process that will drive new revenue to your newspaper.”


As well as enabling precise targeting advertisers can avail of’s end-to-end service of media planning, creative services, campaign management, reporting and analytics. Colm Grealy, CEO of said: “As newspapers embrace digital it is our aim to help them take advantage of the lucrative revenue streams from their digital content. In partnership with the CNPA, will make it easier for publishers to attract premium advertisers, providing a single point of purchase that can engage millions of readers across the State of California.” was founded in Dublin, Ireland, by a team of highly experienced entrepreneurs who have been at the forefront of the Internet and digital media industry since its inception. Colm Grealy was CEO of Ireland’s first commercial internet company, Ireland On-Line (IOL) and also founded and


As well as hundreds of NYPS publishers, clients include Landmark Media,,, IMDb, Amazon, Communicorp, Triton Digital,, TuneIn & RTE Radio.


Media Contact: Bernice. Bvisible, +353-87 2337366


About is a leading advertising network that provides a single point of contact for media agencies and brands wishing to advertise on mobile, tablet, digital audio and web platforms. is headquartered in Dublin with offices in Brussels and New York.

About The California Newspapers Press Association (CNPA)

The California Newspaper Publishers Association is a trade association representing the interests of over 1300 daily, weekly and student newspapers, all their digital efforts and related lines of business.  It’s wholly owned subsidiary, CNPA Services, Inc., provides print and digital advertising services to advertisers and the newspaper industry.

Rob Kinsella Appointed Sales Director at

Leading advertising network, has appointed Rob Kinsella as sales director. Kinsella will head up’s team of sales professionals to identify and drive revenues through its premium mobile publisher and digital audio advertising network, across Irish and European markets.

An experienced media professional, Kinsella has worked for fourteen years in various advertising and marketing roles, eleven of which were spent at Independent News and Media (INM). He began in INM as advertising executive in 2004 and worked his way up to advertising agency sales manager – a position he held for seven years until 2015. In this role he managed and lead a team of advertising sales professionals to negotiate advertising contracts and develop relationships with key agencies and clients in multiple sectors, including retail, motor, financial services, travel and grocer.

Kinsella was also part of the senior management team involved in integrating the print and digital sales team to enable INM to offer a touch point solution for advertising agents and clients.

Following INM, Kinsella was contracted as head of digital sales for Digicel, where he was instrumental in setting up and rolling out Digicel’s full-service advertising agency, Trend Media Pacific, in the Pacific region.

Rob holds professional qualifications in a number of fields including business studies, business management and digital marketing.

Speaking of the appointment Colm Grealy, CEO of said: “Rob’s wealth of experience in sales, strategy and business development means that he is adept at identifying a client’s needs and maintaining strong relationships.  He will be a valuable addition to our team as we expand our network in Ireland and Europe and enable advertisers and brands to take advantage of an innovative range of highly effective digital advertising channels.”


Media Enquiries: Bernice Burnside, Bvisible,, 087-2337366, 01-8452401

Communicorp Partners with to Deliver Digital Audio Ads in Ireland

As the appetite for digital audio consumption gathers pace, one of Ireland’s premier media companies is poised to take advantage of this trend with the launch of a new digital audio advertising offering.
Communicorp is teaming up with leading digital advertising network,, to deliver ad campaigns to listeners of its digital audio platforms. These include live and on-demand radio broadcasts and podcasts for Today FM, Newstalk, Spin1038, Spin SW and 98FM.
As the exclusive sales representative for Communicorp’s digital audio advertising, will connect advertisers to highly targeted streaming audio listeners using pre-roll and in-stream ad formats operated by Triton Digital, the leading technology provider for the audio industry with which recently agreed a partnership.
Unlike FM ads, multiple digital audio ads can run simultaneously to cater for different target listeners making this a first-to-market opportunity for advertisers and clients alike.
Furthermore, audio ads can be delivered in sync with companion display ads served on the device, allowing a brand’s message to be simultaneously seen and heard.
Digital Audio statistics:
– In the US, in the first quarter of 2016 more than 84.43 million adults listened to audio streaming on smartphones up from 67.62 million adults for the same quarter last year. The younger demographic was responsible for much of that spike, with a smartphone audio streaming audience that grew from 28.05 million to 34.65 million. (Nielsen, July 2016)

– Streaming audio on smartphones for all adults is showing impressive growth, from 3.92 billion gross minutes to 6.24 billion minutes (Nielsen, July 2016)

– 67% of 18-37 yr olds listen to online radio each month. (IPSOS MRBI Irish Audio Landscape, September 2015)

– Streaming audio is a top activity for 79% of smartphone users (Comscore and Millennial Media, 2014)

Deborah Carpenter, Head of Solutions and Insights at Communicorp said: “The collaboration with Adforce is a first for the radio industry in Ireland and we are delighted to have brought this innovation to the Irish market. Radio has always been a high-engagement medium and digital audio takes this to a new level because of the customisation and control it offers. The launch represents an exciting opportunity for the radio and media industry. We selected for its proven track record in identifying pioneering digital advertising opportunities and helping broadcasters maximise revenues across these.”
Speaking of the deal, Rob Kinsella, Director of Sales at commented: “The advertising potential of digital audio has remained largely untapped by radio broadcasters in Ireland, until now. Communicorp will be the first to market in Ireland with in-stream advertising customised for digital audio listeners and we are delighted to be working with them in rolling this out. Research after research points to the same conclusion: digital audio is growing and the creative available now in the audio space is much more innovative and emotionally impactful than ever before. Not only are more people listening to digital audio, they are also listening for longer periods. The takeaway for marketers is that digital audio should be considered an essential part of every integrated marketing campaign.”

Media Contact: Bernice, Bvisible,, 087 2337366.

About Communicorp Group Ltd.
Communicorp Group Ltd., is Ireland’s premier media company and the home of some of Europe’s leading commercial media brands. Communicorp owns and operates a portfolio of media channels with a strong focus on commercial radio and emerging digital media.
The company maintains some of the largest independent radio networks in Ireland, Bulgaria, and the UK and it continues to be one of the fastest growing radio networks in the world with 21 radio stations in 3 countries. In February of 2014, 8 regional UK radio stations joined the Communicorp stable. Communicorp UK is now the newest and fourth largest radio group in the United Kingdom.

About operates one of Europe’s leading advertising networks, providing a single point of contact for media agencies and brands wishing to advertise on mobile, tablet and web platforms.
Established in 2009, is a privately held company headquartered in Dublin, Ireland. The network includes a number of the most visited online websites and mobile platforms including CBS interactive, Perform Media, Shazam, Landmark Media, Mode Media,,, IMDb, Amazon, RSVP, TuneIn & RTE Radio.

FORA Profile Adforce As Part Of Their Weekly ‘How My Business Works’ Series

“The man who first sold the internet to Ireland now wants to conquer the US.” As part of their weekly ‘How my business works’ series, FORA shone their spotlight on Adforce and it’s CEO Colm Grealy.

The article chronicles the story of how Grealy went from school teacher to ‘internet pioneer’ and the various ups and downs that he encountered along the way; from the early days of Ireland Online to Adforce’s creation, sale, reacquisition and recent expansions into international markets.

There is also an overview of Adforce as a company; what they do, who is their competition and how they make money. As well as all of this, the article concludes with insight into Grealy’s vision for Adforce’s future.

Read the full interview on FORA.

Adforce CEO Colm Grealy Discusses All Things Digital Advertising on Dublin City FM

Adforce founder and CEO Colm Grealy recently joined ‘The Persuaders’ live on Dublin City FM to explore the wide range of issues impacting on digital advertising today.

The Persuaders, Dublin City FM’s weekly review of all things marketing and media, and Grealy discussed:

They also explore the digital audio advertising landscape in general, various industry trends as well as Adforce’s end-to-end service and how ad agencies and advertisers are responding.

You can listen to the interview in it’s entirety on The Persuaders website. Partners with Triton Digital to Amplify Digital Audio Advertising in Key European Markets

Partnership Enables the Programmatic Buying and Selling of Online and Mobile Audio Ads through Triton’s Programmatic Audio Advertising Exchange, a2x®



DUBLIN – FEBRUARY 18,, a Dublin-based digital advertising network, today announced a partnership with Triton Digital, the leading technology provider for the audio industry, to bring the premium online audio advertising exchange, a2x®, to key European markets.

Through this partnership, will exclusively operate Triton’s a2x in Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Greece, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Norway, Portugal, Sweden and Switzerland.

a2x® enables programmatic buying of targeted online and mobile audio ad inventory.  The platform’s automated, exchange-driven method of buying and selling ad impressions facilitates precise targeting, eliminating waste and resulting in the highest efficacy for advertisers. This partnership will enable advertisers and agencies to buy digital audio advertising programmatically and scale their campaigns across many leading European publishers through a single exchange.

“ has established itself as a leading digital advertising network, carrying thousands of campaigns for many major international brands,” said Colm Grealy, CEO at “We’re pleased to partner with Triton Digital to unleash the power of programmatic and enhance the audio advertising landscape in key European markets. The ability to target and re-target listeners based on behavior, genre, device, geographic location and demographics ensures a deeply engaged audience and a high-impact advertising environment.”

“ is the perfect partner to operate a2x in Europe,” said John Rosso, President of Market Development at Triton Digital.  “With a reach of more than 50 million audio listeners and extensive knowledge of the European advertising industry, their ability to create value for both advertisers and publishers is unparalleled.”


About Triton Digital

Triton Digital’s® ( technology has connected audio supply to advertising demand since 2006, providing the technical backbone for the digital audio marketplace. The company’s innovative technology enables both live and on-demand publishers to build audience and revenue globally. As a pioneer in the space, Triton Digital has made that audience available programmatically for the first time, maximizing audience buying efficiency for advertisers across the world.


About is a leading advertising network that provides a single point of contact for media agencies and brands wishing to advertise on mobile, tablet, digital audio and web platforms. is headquartered in Dublin with offices in Brussels and New York.


For more information, press only:


Kristin Koziarski

Triton Digital

+1 (866) 448-4037 x2694


Bernice Burnside


+ 353 (87) 233 7366 teams up with NYPS to launch digital advertising network

Advertisers to have a Single Point-of-Purchase across 750 news sites in the State of New York

Key Facts

  • Three-year partnership offers advertisers exclusive access to a premium digital advertising network
  • Network consists of 750 newspapers’ mobile & web sites across the State of New York
  • is a leading advertising network in Europe and the US



New York:   The New York Press Service (NYPS) and, today announced a three-year partnership that provides advertisers with a premium digital advertising offering across NYPS member titles.

NYPS is the oldest and most experienced newspaper advertising placement service in the country, owned and operated by the news organizations it serves.  The partnership with expands its advertising offering by providing specialized digital ad services across more than 750 weekly, daily, regional and culturally specific newspaper sites.  Regions covered include Manhattan, The Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Long Island, Hudson Valley, the Capital Region and The Western Region of New York State.

The NYPS digital network offers advertisers the ability to target by audience, location, device and even time of day across 750 newspapers from a single point of purchase. The partnership provides advertisers with an end-to-end service that can include media planning, creative services, campaign management, reporting and analytics. has carried thousands of campaigns for many major international brands to become a leading mobile advertising network. The company’s experience in mobile, now the primary device for news consumption, has helped set it apart from other advertising networks.

Speaking of the partnership Michelle Rea, Executive Director of the NYPS said: “This partnership with enables our members to generate significant income from a source of advertising revenue that, until now, has been difficult to monetize effectively. By coming together as one and creating a premium network for advertisers that delivers high-quality ads, laser-targeted to their desired demographic, we can offer a really effective digital advertising proposition.’s vast experience in digital, and especially mobile, made it the ideal partner for NYPS and we are already seeing great results for some of our members.”

Commenting on the contract Colm Grealy, CEO of said “For NYPS publishers they can speak as a single voice and offer a premium option to advertisers that is highly targeted. For advertisers they can now engage with millions of readers across the State of New York.  We are delighted to partner with NYPS and look forward to driving growth for their members.” was founded in Dublin, Ireland, by a team of highly experienced entrepreneurs who have been at the forefront of the Internet and digital media industry since its inception. Colm Grealy was CEO of Ireland’s first commercial internet company, Ireland On-Line (IOL), and also founded and clients include a number of the most visited online websites and mobile platforms including CBS interactive, Perform Media, Shazam, Landmark Media, Mode Media,,, IMDb, Amazon,, TuneIn & RTE Radio.


Media Contact: Bernice. Bvisible, +353-87 2337366


About is a leading advertising network that provides a single point of contact for media agencies and brands wishing to advertise on mobile, tablet, digital audio and web platforms. is headquartered in Dublin with offices in Brussels and New York.

About The New York Press Service (NYPS)

The New York Press Service (NYPS) was founded September 8, 1853 to help publishers of small newspapers meet the needs of their communities more effectively by providing better information for their readers. Publishers are introducing new technologies to deliver the intensely local brand of community journalism that is their special strength – in print and over multiple digital platforms. For more than 160 years, NYPS has continued to build not only its own strength, but also that of the community news companies it serves. NYPS is committed to ensuring that the future of New York’s community news industry is as vital and vibrant as its past. & TuneIn to deliver mobile ads in Europe

TuneIn has selected to drive mobile ad revenue in key European markets. will act as the exclusive sales force bringing innovative ad formats to advertisers in Germany, Holland, Ireland, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, and Norway.

With over 50 million monthly active users, 100,000 radio stations and five million-plus on-demand programs, TuneIn is one of the world’s largest audio streaming services. TuneIn is available across 200+ connected devices with people tuning in to its popular sports, news, talk, and music programs from every continent. will design and deliver ad campaigns for brand advertisers that combine rich media and innovative audio formats across the TuneIn Radio app on mobile, tablet, and Audio is delivered on engagement only guaranteeing that ads the users hear are in sync with companion display ads served on the app. This allows a brand’s messages to be simultaneously seen and heard.

‘TuneIn selected because of its reputation in delivering innovation to its advertisers and results for its publishers,” says Bill Hartman, TuneIn’s Global Vice President of Brand Partnerships & Sales. “With over 18 million European listeners TuneIn can deliver incredible reach and superb results for advertisers. has a unique track record in pushing the boundaries with new ad formats’.

Sales Director at, Kevin Foley commented: “We are very excited to be partnered with TuneIn, one of the world’s largest streaming services. looks forward to bringing innovative mobile ad formats to European markets that are at the forefront of digital audio advertising. It took fifteen years to build the market for desktop advertising and five years for mobile advertising. We believe that the digital audio advertising market is now poised for rapid growth over the coming 24 months’.

Digital revolutionary: Adforce’s CEO Colm Grealy

Read original:

On the desk in front of me are magazines chronicling the history of Ireland On-line, our island nation’s first internet service provider (one glance is enough to have you hearing that tinny dial-up tone ringing in your ears). On the shelf is a photo of a youthful looking Bill and Hillary Clinton, taken during their first days in the White House. All that we need is a bit of Italia ’90 memorabilia, maybe an episode of Scrap Saturday on the radio – and we’ll be squarely back in what National Geographic called “the last great decade”.

If anyone would be qualified to navigate the Tardis that gets us there, it’s the man sandwiched between the Clintons in the picture – Colm Grealy, CEO of Adforce and the man commonly credited with bringing the internet to Ireland.

He probably should be a billionaire by now, but while he never quite got his financial dues for being the Neil Armstrong of our digital age, Grealy remains one of the country’s more interesting serial entrepreneurs and his story is bigger than pure nostalgia.

He grew up in Artane and worked as a special needs teacher in a national school until destiny called. There have been numerous critics of the anonymity of the internet as it developed, and the problems that this has caused to the present day, but Grealy says it was this very aspect of the nascent technology that first convinced him of its potential for the country.

“I travelled to the University of Swansea, which was one of the world leaders in the area of special education at the time,” he recalls. “I saw a group of students there who were deaf and dumb and they were chatting on these portals. It was a black DOS kind of screen.

“They told me this was a thing called the internet and that the people on the other end were in a university in Atlanta. It was the only medium through which they could communicate in which the people they were communicating with had no idea about their disability, so they could be judged solely on the content of what they had to say. And this, they said, was hugely empowering for them.

“My mouth was open. I knew it had a lot of potential.”

He’s modest about his reputation as the man who brought the internet here, presenting himself more as a Steve Jobs to the Steve Wozniak of fellow internet pioneer Barry Flanagan.

“He set up a thing called Ireland On-line (IOL) and the first investor was Barry Grealy, my older brother. So Barry built it, and I sold it.”

This was no easy feat in Ireland. People were suspicious of the new technology, early adopters were thin on the ground and many people were put off by the expense.

In the mid 1990s, a modem was £400 and it was another £200 to connect to the internet. Then when you’d paid for all that, you had only a smattering of people across the world to communicate with.

“I’d come out of work and change out of my jeans into a suit in the toilet of the university and then present to an IT person who spoke a different language to me – but I was three steps ahead when it came to the internet,” Grealy recalls.

“I could genuinely put faces on the first 500 people who went online in Ireland.”

Predictably several household name journalists, including Vincent Browne, Ian Dempsey, Larry Gogan and Gerry Ryan, were amongst this group. “Before we knew it, we had 10,000 customers, then 15,000 customers. We had to have thousands of modems to keep pace.

“I was passing through Portlaoise and I went into the post office one day. And over the girl’s shoulder in the office I could see a bank of flashing modems and I wondered why the post office would have such a lot of modems.”

Grealy saw that one of the early adopters of the internet had been then-CEO of An Post, John Hynes – so he sought out a meeting with him.

He and Grealy did a deal whereby IOL piggy-backed on An Post’s infrastructure. It became the first nationwide internet service in Europe and the system evolved into such a critical part of An Post’s operation that the semi-state ended up acquiring IOL. Two years later, in 1998, businessman Denis O’Brien acquired the business.

“We’d put about €100,000 into the business and sold it for €2.5m, which I thought was a great deal,” Grealy recalls. “I ran it afterward for two years and it was then sold for €110m. So you live and learn. Hindsight is a wonderful thing.

“There was no real venture capital in Ireland at that stage and there weren’t any real success stories. We were getting 20 times what we put in – we thought we were doing as well as we could.”

As more and more people connected to the internet the next big business question was, where they were going to go online?

“We set up and it was going to be a onestop shop online, news, sports, business and so on – sort of like Yahoo!”

In fact Yahoo! would look to acquire the business, and Grealy paints a vivid picture of the clamouring that went on in these early days of the digital revolution.

“I launched a thing called First Tuesdays. The pitch was ‘this is where ideas meet money’. It took place at what was then Zanzibar on the quays. We thought we’d get 30 or 40 people but 400 showed up.

“It was like a ballroom of finance. You had money guys and ideas guys, desperate to meet one another. The following months we started a badge system. There was hope and ambition in the air. The whole internet economy had started. It was also bedlam, a kind of wild west in a way.”

Things were moving very fast, however. Within months Nasdaq peaked and the whole implosion of the digital sector started. Grealy had to navigate his business through the tough years that followed.

“We survived because we could still generate revenue. We took the publishing system we had and made it available to companies. We’d acquired Irish Abroad in the US – a social network for the Irish (which brought him into contact with Irish Voice publisher Niall O’Dowd, who made the introduction to the Clintons).

In blaze of publicity he also set up Dublin Daily, which was like a nascent version of the Daily Mail Online – targeting the young female demographic, with a mixture of celebrity gossip and hard news. There was also a newspaper version.

“It was the one I was sorriest that it didn’t work out,” Grealy recalls. “We made some disastrous editorial mistakes – including moving sports from the back to the middle and launching on the week of Cheltenham but having no horses.

“It was the first online rival to the established newspapers and I hadn’t realised how seriously they would respond to the threat. Instantly there were rounds of freebies: CDs, two-for-ones, restaurant vouchers, all of that. As soon as one ended and you thought you had breathing room another would start.”

He sounds more passionate about the newspaper than anything else he mentions.

“The buzz of seeing someone on a bus physically holding your newspaper – you can’t beat the rush of that.”

But that high made the low that was to follow even more difficult. “When you have to tell staff that their jobs are gone, that’s very tough. This was before the recession and there was really very little sympathy in Dublin for businesses that didn’t work out.”

After the demise of Dublin Daily he began working as a consultant and became involved with 02 as the phone company grappled with the implications of the internet for mobile operators.

“This was prior to the invention of the iPhone, so it was hard to predict all the changes that would bring,” he says. “I became involved in anything that was to do with ads on a phone. It looked very much like the operator was going to be bypassed. Once the iPhone was invented all of the internal strategies had to be binned, it was a game-changer for mobile operators.”

Convinced of the potential of mobile advertising Grealy set up Adforce (“where the web meets mobile, meets advertising”). In the beginning, he says, it was “more like share trading than Mad Men”, as the emphasis was placed on reaching specific demographics rather than generating content. Since then, however, the company has put together a creative team for advertisers to build ads and they’ve been at the cutting edge of helping publishers “monetise mobile”. This, he points out, has become even more important in recent months, since Google has announced that mobile searches have now surpassed desktop searches.

He’s bullish about the coming year, with Adforce’s revenue now up to €5m. Grealy’s most recent adventure has been selling the company to American venture capitalists, Kinderhook Partners.

“I was doing a presentation showing what we had done for Irish advertisers to Americans, and there was one guy hanging around and he watched the same presentation three times. He asked me if I’d ever thought about selling the company. He told me he was from a private equity fund and that he was looking for a company that specialised in mobile advertising to trade as part of a broader advertising company in the US.

“Two weeks later I was in Manhattan. I’d spent six hours presenting to eight of them. They asked me how much I wanted for it, and I said $8m. They looked at each other and said OK – but the condition was that I’d go over to the US and get stuck in there.”

So he moved. First to south Florida, then to Philadelphia, commuting every few weeks back to Dublin, where his wife, Aislinn and three children, Cian (22), Fiana (20) and Donal (16) live. But Grealy was beginning to lose faith in the path the company had found itself on.

“You have to really believe in what you were doing and I felt the direction was wrong. We were buying offline companies and I wanted to invest in mobile,” he recalls.

His solution was to buy the company back from Kinderhook (“for a lot less than they paid for it”) in a complex deal which involved writing off equity in the US.

He reinvented the company here. “Things are looking up. The ad market has bounced back, mobile and digital are huge parts of that. We’ve seen an increase in revenue across the board of 35pc on last year. We paced ourselves quite well through the recession.”

Throughout it all he’s become “comfortable in terms of finances” but never made the kind of money where he could consider quitting work altogether. Not yet at least. In the last month he has been involved in intensive talks about moving back into the US market in a bigger way and a deal is imminent.

“We have just closed a funding round. Half of the funding has come from the US and half from European partners. We are just about to begin a project whereby we sell advertising on behalf of a media company. We will place ads onto their apps and websites. It’s going to be huge.”

Time to party like it’s 1999?


‘The low point? It was in McDonald’s’

If I could give my younger self advice it would probably be…

“to listen to people who have more experience, particularly people who came back from bigger markets.

“In IOL we didn’t like owing money and that drove us to sell. I’d never worked in America at that point and we had no sense of where we sat.”

The most broke I’ve ever been was…

“when I got my first mortgage bill. By the time I’d paid it and paid my other bills, me and my wife had about £15 each to spend. That period was tough. Another low point was when we got an offer for IOL and Barry and I were in McDonald’s in Dun Laoghaire and we had about £5 between us and we were sorely tempted.

“Then a group of girls sat down near us and we heard one of them say: ‘We just got the internet’ and the other one responded: ‘I hope you got IOL’. We knew then it would be madness to sell.”

The next big thing in my industry is…

“innovation in audio. We can tailor advertising to local listeners — so a radio station can generate ads for where the listener is.” Opens Belgium Office! is delighted to announce the opening of their new Belgium offices at: Vrijwilligerslaan 19, Av. des Volontaires, 1160 Brussels


To learn more about how Europe can help you to engage a mobile audience, please contact :

Frederic Convent

EU Business Development Europe

+32 495 500 951


Axel Mignot

Sales Manager Europe

+32 495 278 515