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Reach engaged audiences on 1,000+ premium local news sites from a single point of purchase

The Local News Media Network


The News Network


In an age of ‘Fake News’ and privacy concerns, advertisers demand safe and trusted media is providing a new digital ad placement service enabling advertisers to reach the web and mobile audiences of trusted local and community news publishers.

The only network to provide premium access to local and community digital news publishers in New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and California from a single point of purchase.

Partnered directly with the State Press Associations and publishers for first look at inventory.


Guaranteed, premium, above the fold inventory – not a blind or backfill network.

Engaged and attentive audiences. Local and community news publishers enjoy very high levels of loyalty and trust among readers.

The Ideal Site Portfolio To Reach Your Target Audience


Visibility & Scale

1,000+ publishers
Tens of Millions of Unique Users.


One Touchpoint

For Buys and Reports 


Data Driven Targeting

Programatic or Managed Buys


Brand Safety

Guaranteed Brand Safe and Fraud Free


Engaging Formats

The newest and most innovative rich media ad formats


Premium Audiences

Families, Ethnic Communities, Seniors, Millennials, Home Owners

Why Local News Media?

Local News Media is Trusted


Newspapers in print and digital enjoy what matters most to any medium – high levels of trust and engagement among audiences.


Local News Media is Brand Safe


The local news media network guarantees premium, brand safe placements for all campaigns.

Digital ads will run only on the web and mobile sites of our premium member publishers.
This is NOT a blind, backfill or remnant exchange network.







Local News Media is Fraud & Fake News Free


Our member publishers have been serving their local communities for generations.

Their print and digital content is 100% ‘real news’, written by qualified journalists for the communities they serve.

No fake news. No click bait. No ad fraud.






Local News Media is Effective


Adding digital news sites to the mix boosts newspaper ROI by up to five times.

Display ads on premium publisher sites had an average of 67% higher brand lift, confirming that premium sites deliver premium performance.

Premium publishers are more than 3x more effective in driving mid-funnel brand lift metrics, such as favorability, consideration and intent to recommend.

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Creative Services

Give your brand the creative excellence it deserves with Adforce creative solutions! The Adforce creative team offer a full service solution for digital and advertising creative.

Including the design, development, testing and trafficking of:

• Desktop and mobile display ads
• Mobile rich media ads
• Dynamic ads
• Responsive websites
• Landing pages
• Branding and marketing collateral



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