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Audio Advertising Platform (Tap) has partnered with industry leaders Triton Digital to bring you the Triton Advertising Platform (Tap). A customisable ad platform designed to help digital audio publishers increase monetisation for live and on-demand content. Tap is built specifically for audio, enabling broadcasters, podcasters and digital music services to effectively streamline operations and maximise revenue.

Custom Platforms

  • Podcasting
    Tap Podcast is designed to dynamically stitch pre-roll, mid-roll, and post-roll audio ads directly into podcast episodes or audio files, targeting multiple podcasts at once or multiple campaigns within one podcast.
  • On Demand Streaming
    Tap OnDemand is designed to dynamically inject ads within a playlist of on demand songs through a webcasting or pureplay publisher.
  • Live Broadcasting
    Tap Live is designed to dynamically inject ads within a live stream to allow the replacement of ads that run on AM/FM signals.


  • Maximise Revenue
    Effectively forecast available inventory and package it with audience data to increase the effectiveness of digital audio campaigns.

  • Effective Targeting
    Deliver highly targeted, contextually relevant ads to your audience, allowing you to better serve your listeners while increasing the value for advertisers.

  • Creative Manager
    • Easily Manage Audio, Video & Companion Banners
    • Support Custom Banner Sizes and many IAB-Standard Banner Sizes
    • Creative Language Support for Out-of-Market or International Delivery

  • Forecast & Affidavit Engine
    • Forecast Avails According to Audience Listening Patterns
    • Filter Inventory Availability with Audience Data, Player Characteristics & Geography
    • Capture Impressions Served in Real-Time

  • Streamline Operations
    Connect seamlessly with all major broadcast traffic systems in addition to our Audio Ad Exchange, Audio Ad Network, Media Buying API, and Yield Optimiser.

  • DAAST Compliant
    Compatible with the IAB’s Digital Audio Ad Serving Template (DAAST) specification ensuring a standard method of tracking for advertisers.

  • Audio Trafficker
    • Dynamically Deliver Spot-or Impression-Based Ads in Pre, Mid, or Post Roll
    • Easily & Efficiently Manage Campaigns
    • Built-In Competitive Separation
    • Track Audio & Sync’ed Display Impressions

  • Product Add-Ons:
    • Media Buying API: Connect the Core Platform Directly with Legacy Order & Trafficking Systems
    • Audience Enhancer: Add First & Third Party Data, User Registration, Cookies & Cross-Channel Device ID



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